„ICO – Marketing at it’s finest“​

Besides the right selection of different marketing methods, the success of your ICO mainly depends of its quick and efficient use. We make sure of that using modern growth hacking. Our growth hackers support you in all marketing-relevant topics, such as acquisition, CRM, landing page optimization, and promotional campaigns, making your ICO successful!

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We cover all online marketing channels. Starting with affiliate via CRM, display, to search and social – we find the right channels and approaches to make your ICO successful!

Convert Serve

Convert / Serve

We offer the implementation of an automatic CRM software so that you can approach potential investors individually and automatically and achieve best possible conversion. Thanks to our landing page optimization, all relevant information about your ICO, the available tokens and the registration is presented clearly and transparently. This way, the purchased traffic is converted and monetized optimally.

Retain and Grow

Retain & Grow

We inform your investors per e-mail about the current status and all import news using the implemented CRM system. Using relevant blogs and PR, we also make sure that your name recognition grows as quickly as possible!

„State-of-the-art Cryptographic Methods“

Our in-house IT specialists support your project through the individual implementation phases. We are familiar with the different DLT platforms, know the latest methods in cryptography, and can develop and apply smart contracts.

MVP and Product Development

Based on your concepts and ideas, we develop together with you an MVP, which can be used for continued product development – also independently. Our comprehensive partner network covers all areas of software and product development. We refer specialists in critical phases, coordinate operation, and support you during the start phase.

Technical Support and White Paper Review

Technical reviews, architecture development, and help with development processes are part of our portfolio as is long-term technical support of your projects.

Using our comprehensive in-house expertise in banking systems, system architectures, and modern analysis methods, we are always available to you and can help you in every phase of your development process.

„Introduce yourself“

With the help of our partners, we bring you close to the right people. With our help, your voice is heard during important meetups and you meet people, who can decisively contribute to your success or from whose experiences you can benefit.



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